A positive proposal to address loneliness

Smile Speak Share is an initiative to address loneliness in individuals and in our communities.

The Smile Speak Share initiative will develop behaviourally-based messages which remind us to seek social connection and it will support local communities to recognise loneliness in their communities and respond with locally-tailored responses.  Smile Speak Share will be funded using social impact funding.

Smile Speak Share was inspired by the UK’s Campaign to End Loneliness which was created to focus on loneliness among older people and by the work of the Joseph Rowntree Foundation on addressing loneliness in communities.

Download the full details of the Smile Speak Share initiative here 20161203-smile-speak-share-initiative-finalised-proposal

Since its commencement in December 2016 the Smile Speak Share initiative and its supporters have assisted in forming the Australian Coalition to End Loneliness  More information is available from the Australian Coalition to End Loneliness  website.