Well, here’s an invitation.

You are invited to join friends around the world in developing the ‘Five Smiles A Day’ habit.

It is very easy. All you have to do is, each day, smile at, and say ‘hi’ to five people who you do not know, or you only know by sight.


Well, there are a few reasons.

The most important is that it is a simple, but effective way of letting others know that they are seen and noticed.

Loneliness is a pain, just as hunger is. In the same way that hunger urges us to find something to eat, loneliness urges us to make connections with others.
Research from the University of Chicago describes the effect of loneliness this way:
“Lonely individuals have increased sensitivity to and surveillance for social threats, preferentially attend to negative social information, remember more of the negative aspects of social events, hold more negative social expectations and are more likely to behave in ways that confirm their negative expectations”.

So, just being in the habit of connecting with others in the simplest way – by a simple smile and ‘hi’ – just makes it easier for us, and others, to not feel quite as lonely.